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    Rubens Paintings

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    Paintings Reproductions Rubens, Peter Paul Peace and War, 1629-1630
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    Rubens Paintings 1577 - 1640 Painter, Diplomat, Netherlands, Baroque
    Peace and War, 1629-1630
    Oil on canvas, 77 7/8 x 116 7/8 inches (198 x 297 cm)
    Private collection
    Mythological Art
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    painting: RUP015
    size I: 35x24 inches
    price: 1090 USD
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    painting: RUP015B
    size II: 41x28 inches
    price: 1480 USD
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    painting: RUP015C
    size III: 58x38inches
    price: 1880 USD

    OIL PAINTING : Peace and War, 1629-1630

          Among Rubens' most famous assistants were Anthony Van Dyck and Frans Snyders. Rubens's phenomenal productivity was interrupted from time to time by diplomatic duties given to him by his royal patrons, Archduke Ferdinand and Archduchess Isabella, for whom Rubens conducted negotiations in 1625 aimed at ending the war between the Spanish Netherlands and the Dutch Republic and helped conclude a peace treaty between England and Spain (1629-30). Charles I of England was so impressed with Rubens's efforts that he knighted the Flemish painter and commissioned his only surviving ceiling painting, “The Allegory of War and Peace” (1629; Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace, London).

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