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    Neoclassicism, Classicism

    Ingres Paintings

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    Paintings Reproductions Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique Delphine Ramel, Madame Ingres, 1859
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    Ingres Paintings 1780 - 1867 Painter, Printmaker, Violinist, France, Neoclassicism
    Delphine Ramel, Madame Ingres, 1859
    Oil on canvas
    Oskar Reinhart Foundation, Winterthur
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    painting: INJ013
    size I: 27x21.3 inches
    price: 390 USD
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    painting: INJ013B
    size II: 31x24.5 inches
    price: 430 USD

    OIL PAINTING : Delphine Ramel, Madame Ingres, 1859

          Ingres was inconsolable after the death of his first wife, Madeleine, in 1849. To the relief of his friends, he remarried in 1852. Some thirty years Ingres's junior, Delphine Ramel (18081887), depicted in this painting - Delphine Ramel, Madame Ingres became a loving companion for the final fifteen years of his life. They were introduced by Charles Marcotte, Ingres's old friend from Rome

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