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    The Four Continents, c.1620 Rubens, Peter Paul Painting Reproductions
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    Rubens Paintings 1577 - 1640 Painter, Diplomat, Netherlands, Baroque
    The Four Continents, c.1620
    Oil on canvas, 82 1/4 x 111 3/4 inches (209 x 284 cm)
    Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
    Mythological Art
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    painting: RUP056
    size I: 27x36 inches
    price: 690 USD
    oil painting 2nd size
    painting: RUP056B
    size II: 30x40 inches
    price: 770 USD
    oil painting 3th size
    painting: RUP056C
    size III: 34x46,5inches
    price: 870 USD
    Buy a reproduction of this oil painting by Peter Paul Rubens
    We offer "The Four Continents, c.1620" in different sizes, but the painting can also be reproduced to your own custom size. The painter will recreate the painting perfectly, entirely by hand on linen canvas.

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