Reproductions Unterberger, Franz Richard

Franz Richard Unterberger

1838 - 1902

Austria Landscape Painter

Franz Richard Unterberger Biography

  Franz Richard Unterberger was a landscape painter who was born in Innsbruck 15th August 1838. Unterberger specialised in studies of Venice and his paintings are now avidly collected. Unterberger first trained at the Academy in Munich and subsequently he moved to Weimar where he studied under Albert Zimmermann.  Unterberger's training concluded with a period of study in Dusseldorf under Andreas Achenbach.
  Unterberger was a great traveller and he spent time in many European countries.

  In 1859, Unterberger enrolled at the Dusseldorf Academy where he joined the Achenbach brothers, who became famous for their landscape paintings.  Unterberger visited Norway in 1860 with Andreas Achenbach and later frequently returned to Norway and Denmark, as well as making several trips to the coasts of England and Scotland.  Unterberger settled in Brussels in 1864, where he spent the rest of his life.  During this period, he usually spent the summer at Neuilly-sur-Seine, from where he often visited Venice, South Italy and Sicily.

   Unterberger painted many of his most successful paintings during these trips. Unterberger paintings convey the views which captivated his artistic interest and they often record busy scenes of daily life.  Unterberger eventually settled in Brussels and he exhibited in a number of major Academies in Vienna, Paris and London.
  Unterberger paintings are highly romantic with a characteristic delicacy of colouring and superb ability to capture the bustle and atmosphere of a famous location.  Unterberger's studies of Venice and the Neopolitan coast are now considered his most desirable paintings.
Unterberger paintings can be seen in a number of European Museums. These include Louviers, Gallerie Roussel ("Amalfi, Gulf of Salerno"), Troyes ("The Isle of Capri"), and Melbourne, Australia ("Gulf of Salermo").