Reproductions Hartinger, Anton

Anton Hartinger

1806 - 1890

Austrian Painter, Classicism

Anton Hartinger Biography

Anton Hartinger (1806 - 1890), was a Viennese artist specialized in flower painting. Hartinger was a member of the Viennese Academy of Arts from 1843 to 1851 in the Flower and Fruit School and a pioneer in the field of chromolithography. Lacking money to publish his extraordinary book on flowers Hartinger sought investors. And he found them. But it took from 1844 to 1860 to publish Hartinger's work in 20 installments, seldom more than one set per year. Obviously a period of 16 years is a long time for such venture to keep the sponsors interested. Some may not even have lived to see the final installment printed. That is why there are very few complete copies known worldwide. Only the collections of the Vienna Library and the British Library seem to have complete sets of Hartinger's work.