Reproductions Croegaert, Georges

Georges Croegaert

1848 - 1923

Belgium, Academic Classicism

Georges Croegaert Biography

Georges Croegaert was born in Anvers in 1848.  Croegaert spent most of his life in Paris where he became a painter of portrait and genre paintings.
Georges Croegaert is particularly well known for his paintings of cardinals.  Georges Croegaert usually depicted them in lavish interiors, sometimes engaging in conversation, taking tea or eating a meal. Georges Croegaert paintings are highly narrative with objects in the background which contribute to the scene.  Croegaert had a marvellous eye for detail and his paintings have a tapestry effect, with different strands and textures woven together.  Georges Croegaert used a rich variety of colours - delighting in warm reds, yellows, deep bottle-green and gold.
Croegaert also painted outdoor genre scene paintings with figures set against a landscape.  As with his interior paintings, the outdoor paintings portrayed various activities, such as shooters bathing in a forest.