Reproductions Solimena, Francesco

Francesco Solimena

1657 - 1747

Painter, Italy, Baroque

Francesco Solimena Biography

  Solimena was the leading Neapolitan painter of the first half of the 18th century. In a long and extremely productive career Solimena painted fresco paintings in many of the great churches in Naples, and he became one of the wealthiest and most famous European artists of his day

  Francisco Solimena nacque to Channel of Serino in 1657, after a first period of collaboration with the father Angel, in the 1674 moved himself to Naples. Here Solimena knew the paintings of Lanfranco, Luca Giordano and Mattia Priests , than he carried their painting towards new pittoriche experiences.
  The oil paintings executed between 1675 and 1680 like the Paradise in the dome of Nocera and Vision of S. Cirillo of Alexandria in the church of Saint Domenico to Sofra, are executed the collaboration with the father.
  The executed oil paintingsto leave from 1680 as the burlaps of Saint Nicholas to the culminating Charity to Naples and with it fresco it of Saint George to Salerno and fresco representatives the Virtues , than they are found in the sacrestia of Saint Greater Paul, show an adhesion towards the baroque taste roman compound to the Neapolitan pittorica tradition.
  Later on the deepening of the formula of Mattia is made more obvious in his painting Priests in some shovels like the Miracle of S. Giovanni to Naples the hospital of S. Maria of the Peace and in Saint Francisco Solimena always renounces to the Sacerdozio to Naples, in the church of S. Anna of the Lombardic ones, trying an alternative language to that one of Luca Giordano . At the same time Solimena searched a new pittorico style, that he aimed at the nobilitazione of the shape and a greater compositivo equilibrium; this search culminates with the hunting of Eliodoro from the tempio to Naples in the church of the New Jesus and in it fresco paintings of the Black nail head of Saint Filippo, in the church of the Gerolamini (to Naples).
  In the years between the 1734-35 change in the ways is assisted to an important to paint of the master who approaches himself more his paintings juvenile, this is perceptible in the paintings that realize for Carl III of Borbone to the Real palace of Caserta.
Francisco Solimena died  in Bari  1747.