Reproductions Verboeckhoven, Eugene Joseph

Eugene Joseph Verboeckhoven

1798 - 1881

Belgium, Animalier, Naturalism

Eugene Joseph Verboeckhoven Biography

  EUGENE JOSEPH VERBOECKHOVEN, (1790-1881), Belgian painter, was born at Warneton in West Flanders, and received instruction in drawing and modelling from his father, the sculptor Barthelemy Verboeckhoven. Subsequently Verboeckhoven settled in Brussels and devoted himself almost exclusively to animal subjects. Verboeckhoven paintings of sheep, of horses and of cattle in landscape, somewhat after the manner of Potter, brought him universal fame, and were eagerly sought for by collectors. Precise and careful finish is the chief quality of his art, which is entirely objective and lacking in inspiration. Verboeckhoven visited England in 1826, Germany in 1828, and France and Italy in 1841, and died at Brussels in 1881.

  Verboeckhoven was a member of the academies of Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, St Petersburg and Amsterdam. Examples of his paintings are to be found in nearly all the important galleries of Europe and the United States, notably in Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, New York, Boston and Washington. His long life and ceaseless industry account for the enormous number of his paintings in public and private collections and in the art market. In addition to his oil paintings he executed some fifty etched plates of similar subjects.