Reproductions Wardle, Arthur

Arthur Wardle

1864 - 1949

England, Animalier, Academic Classicism

Arthur Wardle Biography

Born:1864, London, England
Died:July 16, 1949, London, England

  Arthur Wardle lived and worked in London. 
Arthur Wardle did not receive a formal academy art training, but took lessons with local artists from his neighborhood. In 1880 at the age of 16, Wardle had his first exhibition at the Royal Academy. His first exhibit was a study of cattle on the banks of the Thames and this was the start of his life long interest in painting animals.
In the 1890s, with the improvement of his technical painting skills, Arthur Wardle began painting animals. Studying and sketching at the London Zoo, Wardle painted wildlife, domestic animals and sporting scene paintings.

  In 1880 Wardle lived in Oakley Square, Camden, in North London, but such was his artistic success he was able to move to the more fashionable Alma Square in St. John’s Wood by 1892.  Between 1880 and 1938 Wardle exhibited paintings frequently at the Royal Academy and other venues.  Wardle painted both domestic and wild game; his more exotic subjects, such as leopards, tigers and polar bears were painted from ‘on the spot’ sketches which he made during his visits to London Zoo.

  As well as oil painting, Wardle worked extensively in watercolour and pastel and was elected to the Pastel Society in 1911 and became a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour in 1922.  In 1931 Wardle held his first one man exhibition at the Fine Art Society and in 1935 the Vicar’s Gallery held an exhibition devoted to Arthur Wardle paintings.  Wardle also exhibited in Paris.

  By 1936 the artist was living in West London.  His career had been highly successful and his oil paintings continue to be sought after.  Arthur Wardle remains one of the foremost animal painters of the period.  Wardle died on 16th July, 1949.