Paintings Eybl, Franz

Eybl, Franz

1806 - 1880

Austria, Classicism

Franz Eybl Paintings Reproduction and Biography

  1805,Vienna-  1880,Vienna) 
 Franz Eybl was an Austrian painter and lithographer.
  Eybl entered the Vienna Akademie at the age of ten, studying sculpture under Josef Klieber and landscape painting (1817-20) with Joseph Mössmer (1780-1845), from whom Eybl also learnt the new technique of lithography. Eybl then spent three years with Johann Baptist Lampi and Franz Caucig (1762-1828), reproducing antique statues and casts. Eybl studied history painting (1823-28), during which period he came under the influence of Johann Peter Krafft, who introduced him to the principles of realism, suggesting that he work directly from nature and reflect contemporary, everyday subject-matter in his painting. Together with Josef Danhauser and Matthias Ranftl (1805-54), Eybl was among the most significant followers of Krafft’s ideas, also becoming one of the principal Viennese painters of the Biedermeier period.