Paintings Elsley, Arthur John

Elsley, Arthur John

1861 - 1952

Elsley Paintings & Biography

Elsleys paintings, which he continued to exhibit at the Royal Academy until 1917, testify to his fondness for children, in particular his own daughter Marjorie who was often the model for many of his works. His preferred themes of sentimental narratives are often placed in rustic settings, suggesting that he was well acquainted with the countryside. His young, pretty children are often depicted playing amongst themselves, or with their pets. Ise biggest, which shows a small girl standing on a book, measuring herself against an enormous St Bernard Dog, was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1892, and won him considerable public acclaim. Elsley occasionally deviated from his pet and childhood themes, producing such works as Suprised! of 1904 which shows a lady on her horse out hunting, leaping over a monastery wall and scattering monks in all directions.