Raymond D Yelland

1848 - 1900

American Landscape Painter

Raymond D Yelland Biography

Raymond D Yelland was born in London, England, 2 February, 1848. He came to this country, studied at the National academy and under James R. Brevoort and William Page in 1869-'71, and under Luc, Olivier Merson, in Paris, in 1886-'7. He was elected a member of the San Francisco art association in 1874, and during 1877-'8 was assistant director of the California school of design, of which he was elected director in 1888. Among his paintings are "Half-Moon Beach," "The Lonely Sea," "Sunlight and Shadow," "The Golden Gate at Even," "Mount Tacoma," "Mount Hood," "Columbia River," "Golden Gate," "Near Dordrecht," and "Faringford, Isle of Wight."