Karoly Brocky

1807 - 1855

Hungarian Painter

Karoly Brocky Biography

Karoly Brocky was a hungarian painter, active in England. After his studies at the Art Academy in Vienna, Brocky went to Italy in 1835, and to Paris in 1837, where he improved his art mostly by copying old pictures of the Louvre. He settled down in London in 1838, and he soon received orders from the Court. Besides portraits of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, etc. he painted mythological paintings under the influence of Italian masters of the Renaissaince. His nudes and portraits of women full of life make his art attractive. The eclectic altarpiece, Christ and the Woman from Samaria, strongly reflecting the influence of Renaissance masters of Rome, was presented to the Lutheran church of Eperjes, but it burnt down in 1913. His paintings: Poverty, Woman in Yellow Clothes, Sleeping Bacchante, Woman in Black Clothes, Amor and Psyche, and Resting Psyche (Hungarian National Gallery) .