Paintings Godward, John William

Godward, John William

1861 - 1922

Painter,England,Victorian Neoclassicism

Godward Paintings Reproduction and Biography

  John William Godward was born in 1861 to a wealthy family that thoroughly disapproved of his becoming an artist. In spite of their objections, Godward became a painter and exhibited his paintings at the Royal Academy from 1887.

  Godward was a great admirer of Alma-Tadema, and indeed we can see his influence in the lovely marble and textiles. Godward was also greatly influenced by Lord Frederic Leighton, as evidenced by the glossy finish of the paintings. Godward’s subjects were mainly beautiful girls, set in classical type settings.

  In 1912 Godward left England for Italy with his dark haired model (seen in Dolce Far Niente and Noonday Rest). His outraged parents and family severed contact with him, even cutting his figure from the family portraits.
Godward returned to England in 1919. By this time though, Godward paintings were no longer held in esteem by either the critics or the public. Godward committed suicide in 1922, leaving a note saying that the world was not big enough for him and Picasso.