Reproductions Piloty, Carl Theodor von

Carl Theodor von Piloty

1826 - 1886

German Neoclassicism Painter

Carl Theodor von Piloty Biography

Born on October 1, 1826 in Munich and died on July 21, 1886 in Ambach am Starnberger See. After first training with his father, Piloty began his studies with Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld in 1840 at the Munich Academy. He undertook study trips to Brussels, Antwerp and Paris where he became acquainted with the coloration and realism of Belgian-French history painting, and came under the decisive influence of the works of Louis Gallaits and Paul Delaroches. Starting 1856 he was granted a position as professor at the Munich Academy, whose directorship he assumed in 1874. Piloty, whose fame is grounded on his dramatic, large format history paintings, is considered to be one of the forerunners of late 19th century Wilhelminian style painting in Germany.