Simon Van Den Berg

1812 - 1891

Dutch painter, printmaker and museum director

Simon Van Den Berg Biography

Simon Van Den Berg studied for two and a half years in the studio of Pieter Gerardus van Os in The Hague, where he became especially skilled at depicting animals. Subsequently he worked in Overschie (1837), Velsen (1838), The Hague (1839) and Amsterdam (1840-42), where he became friendly with the landscape painter Christiaan Immerzeel (1808-86), whose sister he married. After this he worked in Haarlem (1843-50), Heemstede (1852), The Hague (from 1854) and finally, after 1889, in Arnhem. Van den Berg was a competent cattle and landscape painter who managed to achieve considerable fame. Berg obtained a gold medal in 1838 from the Felix Meritis Society and in 1839 was made a member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam.