Jan Evert Morel

1835 - 1905

Dutch Academic Classicism Painter

Jan Evert Morel Biography

Jan Evert Morel lived and worked in Amsterdam for most of his life and exhibited there between 1853 and 1874. He was the son and pupil of the marine painter C. J. Morel (1798-1861). Unlike his father, Jan specialized in wooded landscapes. One of Morel?s major influences was the Dutch artist B.C. Koekkoek, who painted many wooded landscapes which were Italianate in manner. Although Morel sometimes painted on a grander scale, most of his works are small, panel paintings of delicately rendered landscapes with figures. His work typifies nineteenth century Dutch landscapes, which combined a romantic feeling for nature with a classically inspired technique. Morel died in Weesp on May 14, 1905. Morel favored images with lush trees and brilliant skies, often seeming to portray a perfect summer day, as is evident in this Pair of Landscapes. Along a riverbank, a moment of quiet stillness is captured as various figures wander through the countryside. Morel dots his bucolic scenes with charming figures: a mother walking hand-in hand with her child, peasants driving their livestock, and informal chats amongst friends. While the figures are exquisitely detailed, they are dwarfed by the dramatic landscapes to emphasize man?s subordinate place within nature. Both scenes are painted in a rich palette of green, gold, and silver. The bright compositions are a celebration of the beauty of nature, the warm summer sun, and fresh air. Both paintings are in excellent condition.