Reproductions Nasmyth, Patrick

Patrick Nasmyth

1787 - 1831

Painter of the Scottish Landscape

Patrick Nasmyth Biography

Nasmyth was born in Edinburgh and was named after his father's patron, Patrick Miller. He developed an affinity for art at an early age and, on seeing this, his father took a keen interest in developing his son's talent. As a teenager Nasmyth lost the use of his right hand following an accident, forcing him to learn how to paint with his left. He also lost most of his hearing through illness. Much of Nasmyth's work, a great deal of which is undated, depicts his native Scotland, which he continued to paint even after moving to London in 1810. Like his father, he was heavily influenced by the Dutch masters of the 17th century, particularly Meindert Hobbema and Jacob van Ruysdael (a large number of works by both men were displayed in London galleries during Nasmyth's lifetime).