Reproductions Alt, Rudolf von

Rudolf von Alt

1812 - 1905

Austria, Academic Classicism Painter

Rudolf von Alt Biography

BORN 28 Aug 1812, Wien - DIED 12 Mar 1905, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Zentralfriedhof (Gruppe 14 A, nummer 52)

  Painter of landscapes paintings, city views and other subjects. Alt studied at the Academy of Vienna with J. Mossmer, who also worked with his father. After 1830 Alt travelled through the Austrian Empire, Bavaria, Switzerland and Italy. Alt watercolour paintings are rich in light and atmosphere and he was also an important lithographer.
In later years Alt painting style grew close to impressionism. He was a founding member of the Wiener Kunstlerhaus and in 1897 he became Honourable President of the Wiener Secession. There"s a statue of him at the Minoritenplatz, Vienna.