Reproductions Sickert, Walter Richard

Walter Richard Sickert

1860 - 1942

German-born English Impressionist painter

Walter Richard Sickert Biography

Walter Richard Sickert was an English Impressionist painter, born in Germany.
After his return from Dieppe in 1905 Sickert embarked on an intensive period of painting nudes in a variety of rooms and studios in Camden Town. Through these, and other pictures of figures in dusty London interiors, Sickert pursued his own distinct form of realism. He believed that the figure in "the definite light and shade of ordinary rooms" was the only viable replacement to "the bland monotony of the nude on a platform, with its diffused illumination of studio light" (quoted W.R. Sickert 1989-90). Responding to French realist and Impressionist art, Sickert also passionately believed in the poetic potential of scenes from ordinary life if treated correctly. Nevertheless, Sickert did not devote himself to mere prettiness and he could also be brutal in his realism.