Hermanus Koekkoek Snr

1815 - 1882

Netherlands, Realist Painter

Hermanus Koekkoek Snr Biography

  The marine artist Hermanus Koekkoek Snr was the youngest, and most famous of the four artist brothers that founded the Koekkoek dynasty of painters. Koekkoek was the father of Hermanus Junior and Willem, who also became highly successful artists.
  Hermanus Koekkoek worked in Amsterdam from 1832 to 1858 when he moved to Neuwer-Amstel before he returned to Amsterdam in 1873. Soon Hermanus Koekkoek became a member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam and in 1841 the Rotterdam Society. In 1876 Hermanus Koekkoek exhibited a painting at the Royal Academy in London.
Hermanus Koekkeok specialised in marine subjects, but also painted riverscape paintings and occasionally other types of subject matter. Hermanus Koekkoek paintingswere generally noted for their atmospheric skies. The paintings of Koekkoek are represented in a large number of museums, including those at Glasgow City Art Gallery, Kelvingrove, the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, the Rijksmuseum, Enkhuizen, the Rijksmuseum, Gronongen, the Mauritshuis, The Hague and the Rijksmuseum, Leeuwarden.