Edward Theodor Compton

1849 - 0

English Landscape Painter

Edward Theodor Compton Biography

E T Compton was born in London on 27 July 1849. He initially painted the English landscape, as is instanced by his illustrations to A Mendip Valley (1892). However, he moved to Germany, settling in Munich in 1869, and Feldafing, also in Bavaria, five years later. An active member of the British Alpine Club (as well as those of Germany and Austria), he became one of the first artists to devote himself to painting the remote and inaccessible heights of the Alps. He sent the results regularly to such London exhibitions as those of the Royal Academy, and continued to illustrate books for British publishers, such as Germany (1912) for A & C Black. During the First World War, he was nominally interned, after which he made a failed attempt to work as an art correspondent near the Italian border. After his seventieth birthday, he climbed the Gross Glockner. He had also travelled and painted in Spain, Corsica, North Africa and Scandanavia. He died in Tutzing, Bavaria.