Reproductions Loir, Luigi

Luigi Loir

1845 - 1916

French impressionist painter

Luigi Loir Biography

Luigi Loir was a landscape and portrait painter. He was born in Goritz, Austria, to French parents on 22 December 1845.

In 1853 he attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and 10 years later he went to Paris and worked along side the painter decorator Pastelot.

In 1865, Loir debuted at the Paris Salon with a landscape painting titled ?Villiers-sur-Seine?. However, during this first section of his career, he continued his trade work; most notable for the interior of the Chateaux du Diable in 1866.

After the campaign of 1870, in the course of which he distinguished himself in the fighting of Bourget, he devoted himself more or less exclusively to painting the sights of Paris (to which he owes the better part of his reputation).

A faithful exhibitor of the French Artists, he obtained the bronze medal in 1879, the silver and gold in 1889. Loir received the Legion d?honneur in 1898.

Luigi Loir died in Paris on 9 February 1916.