Paintings Nuyen, Wijnand  Johannes Josephus

Nuyen, Wijnand Johannes Josephus

1813 - 1839

Flemish Painter

Nuyen Painting Reproductions and Biopgraphy

Wijnandus Johannes Josephus Nuyen was born in The Hague in 1813, the son of a baker. At the age of twelve Nuyen received lessons from the artist Andreas Schelfhout. Later, he attended the Art Academy in The Hague. Nuyen soon emerged as a prolific painter producing landscapes, marine paintings and town views. Nuyen travelled to Normandy and along the northern coast of France; the landscape formed a recurring theme in his work. Nuyen was one of the few Dutch painters of the nineteenth century to fully absorb the influence of the French Romantics. His paintings have a certain un-Dutch dramatic quality. Nuyen, a promising painter, died in The Hague aged twenty-seven.