Efim Efimovich Volkov

1844 - 1920

Russian Landscape Painter

Efim Efimovich Volkov Biography

Efim Efimovitch Volkov
  Born in Saint-Petersbourg, in 1844.
  Died in Petrograd, in 1920.  

  Volkov made studies at the School of the graphic arts of the Company for the promotion of arts and he was non-registered student (nobody authorized to attend university courses, in particular with conferences without having the official statute of student) with the Academy of arts. He lived and worked especially in Saint-Petersbourg and in his surroundings.
In 1879, it undertook a voyage with Chichkine in the Crimea.

  In 1888, it went to Turkey, to Syria, to Palestine, to Egypt and Greece. It also worked on the Volga, in Pless, the preferred city of Levitan. In addition to its landscapes, it was also known as illustrator. One conferred the title of academician to him and he was member of the Company of the peddlers.