John Dalby of York

1826 - 1853

English Animalist painter

John Dalby of York Biography

The oldest David Dalby, 1794-1836, who was a sporting artist and lived in York, always signed ?D. Dalby?; John, who is believed to be his son, signed just ?Dalby? or ?J Dalby?. In addition, there are believed to be at least two other painter members of the family: Thomas, and Joshua although the latter?s rare output is so similar in style to John?s that some believe them to be one and the same. John Dalby?s paintings are quite different from David?s as he painted predominantly hunting scenes. His style is very tight and detailed, almost like a miniaturist. The colour is strong and the hunting scenes are full of action and show the influence of Henry Alken. Even his carriage pictures usually have attendant riders or huntsman filling the composition as well.