Adrianus Eversen

1818 - 1897

Duthch Landscape Painter

Adrianus Eversen Biography

Adrianus Eversen painted townscapes and street scenes which usually included figures. He was interested in evoking the atmosphere of a place through his summary style and carefully chosen colours, rather than in topographical exactitude. He also painted market scenes, canal scenes and imaginary town views.

Born in Amsterdam in 1818, Eversen first studied under Cornelius de Kruyf (1774-1828) and then continued his training under Cornelius Springer (1817-1891) by whom he was influenced. Eversen spent most of his life in Amsterdam where he exhibited regularly between 1840-1885; he also exhibited at the Hague in 1859 and in 1861 and at Leuwarden in 1863. He spent his last years in Delft where he died in 1879