Reproductions Monet, Claude Oscar

Claude Oscar Monet

1840 - 1926

French Prominent Impressionist Painter

Claude Oscar Monet Biography

Claude Monet was a famous artist. Monet painted many oil paintings that are in famous museums today. Monet lived at a time when there were wars and hardships. Claude Monet has inspired millions of artists. He lived from 1840 until 1926.

Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris. When he was five years old he and his family moved to Le Havre. When Monet was 17, his mother died. The year after, Monet met an artist named Eugene Boudin. Boudin convinced Claude Monet to do his oil painting outdoors and this led to the first outdoor landscape painting of Monet painting career. Monet went to the Swiss Academy, continuing to devote his life to his art. Monet met a woman named Gaudibert who admired his art. She was one of the first to recognize his artistic abilities.

In 1867, while Monet was at an art event in Sainte-Adresse, his first son was born. Monet was 27, and he had to be away much of the time to promote his paintings. He also suffered from depression. There was a time in 1868 when Monet “tried to commit suicide.” But we admire the fact that he was able to overcome his depression and keep on with his art. All through his life Monet had to work hard. People did not buy Monet paintings at the start. Monet had to move his family many times, but he still painted.

In 1870, Monet married Camille-Léonie Doncieux, the woman who gave birth to his first son. Monet’s father died in 1871. Monet’s second son named Michael was born, but tragedy struck in 1879 when Monet’s wife died. After the death of his wife, he moved the family to Poissy. Not many people bought Monet paintings and Monet remained poor. So, in 1883 Monet moved the family again to a house he rented at Giverny. He died in 1926 at the age of 86.

At Giverny he started going to more exhibitions and Monet paintings became more popular. He earned more money and was able to buy the house. Monet fixed up the house to include gardens and a Japanese bridge. His yard became the subject for some of his most famous paintings. His popularity and fame grew. By 1907 Monet had painted many well-known paintings, but by then he had “his first problem with his eyesight.” He started to go blind. He still painted, though his eyes got worse. He wouldn’t stop painting until he was nearly blind. Monet lived at Giverny a total of 43 years during which time his second wife and his older son died.

When we read the biography we appreciate his life even more, knowing Monet overcame so many obstacles. Monet is a person who inspires people. Monet had inner strength, was hardworking, and imaginative. He also brought new ideas to the art world. Monet helped invent what we call “Impressionism.” A hero can be brave, and Monet was willing to dedicate his whole life to art. He wasn’t selfish because he thought of his family and worked to make a living for them and a good home. Because of all of this, Monet is our hero and a hero in the art world.