Leo von Klenze

1784 - 1864

German Neoclassicism Painter

Leo von Klenze Biography

Leo von Klenze was, as was his contemporary and rival Karl Friedrich Schinkel, not only active as an architect - he was commissioned by Ludwig I with several building projects in Munich and Bavaria - but also stood out as a painter and draughtsman. Wherein, as is also the case in Schinkel?s work, architectural motives play a particularly important role.

Klenze studied ancient architecture and its subsequent development during his travels throughout Italy, Sicily and Greece. During this time he completed drawings and sketches, which later served not only as models for his architectural drafts, but also for his paintings. Especially his examination of the polychromy of ancient temples and sculpture found their echo in his own edifices, for example the Monopteros in Munich?s English Garden, as well as in some of his paintings. In addition Klenze collected works of important German painters of his time, which he sold in 1841 to King Ludwig I. These paintings eventually formed the basis for the collection in the Neue Pinakothek, which was opened in 1853.