Domenico Quaglio

1787 - 1837

German-born Italian painter

Domenico Quaglio Biography

Domenico Quaglio the Younger was a German-born Italian painter, engraver, stage designer, and architect. He was the second son of Giuseppe Quaglio and part of the large Quaglio pedigree of Italian artists involved in architecture, indoor fresco decoration, and scenography for the court theaters. He known as a landscape and architectural painter/decorator, including quadratura. He was born in Munich. Quaglio was taught perspective and scene-painting by his father, and engraving by Mettenleiter and Karl Hess. In 1819 he resigned his post as scene-painter, and occupied himself only with architecture, for which he obtained subjects in the Netherlands, Italy, France, and England. He died at Hohenschwangau in 1837. He engraved twelve plates of'Architectural Monuments??, and lithographed thirty Remarkable German Buildings of the Middle Ages.