How to Register and set up a shop?

Welcome to Allartclassic Art community.
Registration is free. Once you have confirmed your Allartclassic account, you'll be able to:
Add items or mark items as your favorites
Post in the community
Use Allartclassic 's on-site messaging system
Start by clicking on the Register  link at the top right of the site, or Join Allartclassic. If you've already set up your shop in the past, just log in and click My Account to continue. 
Use 'manage shop' button to add items or 'add shop cover' button to add details about your shop. Give your shop a personal look by adding an image of yourself and a shop banner image. You will be prompted to give contact details - name, phone, address and email for customers to reach you.
Choose a memorable name for your shop that reflects your style. Shop names must meet the following requirements:
*No spaces or special characters
*No profanity
*Not already in use by an existing Allartclassic member
*Does not infringe on another's trademark
If you see a message that the name you want is already in use, choose another one.
When you first register an account you will be prompted to verify the email address used for the registration, by clicking on the link sent to your email. If you do not complete this verification process you will not be able to add items and your shop will not be operational.