How to write effective item descriptions?

You set up your shop, you have a great product and you have been working hard on your photos, but there is still one more thing you need to do before your sales start rolling in.

You must have a list of the keywords and write your description with these keywords in mind. Remember that your tags are keywords used to find your shop, but your most important tags and materials should also be scattered throughout your descriptions so that internet searches (through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) can easily find you.

You can copy and paste URLs in your descriptions so they can function as a hyperlink. Use this to your advantage. If your visitor has read your item description and is not ready to make a purchase, don’t let them float away to another website, Allartclassic shop or back to their search results. Instead, give them a link to learn more about you, see your entire shop, check out your policies or even a link to send you a conversation.

In the TITLE field introduce your item in two sentences, one reiterating the product title and a second one that adds a bit more detail.

In the DESCRIPTION field list all the facts : Category and color, item's measurements and the materials used to create it.

Finally add an extra sentence of two letting the customer know about your shipping charge, your generous return or exchange policy.