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Reproductions Cabanel, Alexandre

Alexandre Cabanel

1823 - 1889

France, Academic Classicism

Alexandre Cabanel Paintings

Alexandre Cabanel Reproductions-La Comtesse de Keller, 1873

La Comtesse de Keller, 1873

Oil on canvas, 38.98 x 29.92 inches [99 x 76 cm
Musee d Orsay, Paris

Genre: Portraits

size: 30x23 inches $370
Alexandre Cabanel Reproductions-Phedre


Oil on canvas
Musee Fabre, Montpellier

Genre: Figurative Art

size: 22x30 inches $415
Alexandre Cabanel Reproductions-Harmony


Oil on canvas
Private collection

Genre: Figure Compositions

size: 22x30 inches $405
Alexandre Cabanel Reproductions-The Birth of Venus, 1863

The Birth of Venus, 1863

Oil on canvas, 51.18 x 88.58 inches [130 x 225 cm]
Musee d Orsay, Paris

Genre: Mythological Art

size: 18x31 inches $420
Alexandre Cabanel Reproductions-Ophelia, 1883

Ophelia, 1883

Oil on canvas, 30.31 x 46.26 inches [77 x 117.5 cm]
Private collection

Genre: Mythological Art

size: 19x30 inches $385
Alexandre Cabanel Reproductions-Eve After the Fall

Eve After the Fall

Oil on canvas, 29.5 x 37.75 inches [74.93 x 95.885 cm]
Private collection

Genre: Religious Paintings

size: 22x29 inches $350
Alexandre Cabanel Reproductions-The Daughter Of Jephthah, 1879

The Daughter Of Jephthah, 1879

Oil on canvas, 39.49 x 25.51 inches [100.3 x 64.8 cm]
Private collection

Genre: Figurative Art

size: 30x19 inches $345
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