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Reproductions Gericault, Jean Louis Andre Theodore

Theodore Gericault

1791 - 1824

France, Romanticism

Gericault Paintings

 Theodore Gericault Reproductions-The Raft of the Medusa, 1819

The Raft of the Medusa, 1819

Oil on canvas, 193.31 x 281.89 inches [491 x 716 cm]
Musee du Louvre, Paris

Genre: Mythological Art

size: 27x39 inches $980
 Theodore Gericault Reproductions-An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging, 1814

An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging, 1814

Oil on canvas, 137.4 x 104.72 inches [349 x 266 cm]
Musee du Louvre, Paris, France

Genre: Figurative Art

size: 32x24.5 inches $340
 Theodore Gericault Reproductions-Madwoman, c.1822

Madwoman, c.1822

Oil on canvas
National Gallery, London

Genre: Portraits

size: 30x25 inches $280
 Theodore Gericault Reproductions-A Portrait of a Young Man

A Portrait of a Young Man

Oil on canvas, 17.91 x 14.37 inches [45.5 x 36.5 cm]
Private collection

Genre: Portraits

size: 24x19.2 inches $235
 Theodore Gericault Reproductions-Marie De Medici At Pont-De-Ce

Marie De Medici At Pont-De-Ce

Oil on canvas, 18 x 15 inches [45.72 x 38.1 cm]

Genre: Portraits

size: 20x16 inches $245
 Theodore Gericault Reproductions-The Blacksmith's Signboard

The Blacksmith's Signboard

Oil on wood
Kunsthalle, Hamburg

Genre: Animals & Hunting Scenes Paintings

size: 28x22.4 inches $305
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