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Reproductions Merson, Luc Olivier

Luc Olivier Merson

1846 - 1920

French Academic Classicism Painter

Merson Paintings

Luc Olivier  Merson Reproductions-The Wolf of Agubbio, 1877

The Wolf of Agubbio, 1877

Oil on canvas, 34 5/8 x 52 1/4 inches
Private Collection
size: 30x20 inches $405
Luc Olivier  Merson Reproductions-The arrival at Bethlehem, 1897

The arrival at Bethlehem, 1897

Oil on canvas

Genre: Religious Paintings

size: 30x24 inches $335
Luc Olivier  Merson Reproductions-Rest on the Flight into Egypt, 1880

Rest on the Flight into Egypt, 1880

Oil on canvas
Private Collection

Genre: Religious Paintings

size: 20x36 inches $405
Luc Olivier  Merson Reproductions- Truth , 1901

Truth , 1901

Oil on canvas, 87 x 146 3/8 inches
Hotel Watel-Dehaynin

Genre: Mythological Art

size: 21x36 inches $635
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