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George Hitchcock

1850 - 1913

American Impressionist Painter

Hitchcock Paintings

George Hitchcock Reproductions-Yellow Nasturtiums

Yellow Nasturtiums

Oil on canvas, 17x21
Private Collection

Genre: Landscapes

size: 17x21 inches $280
George Hitchcock Reproductions-Spring Crosuc Fields , 1889

Spring Crosuc Fields , 1889

Oil on canvas, 17x23 inches
Private Collection

Genre: Landscapes

size: 17x23 inches $280
George Hitchcock Reproductions-Cottage with Hyacinths

Cottage with Hyacinths

Oil on canvas, 16x21 inches
Private Collection

Genre: Landscapes

size: 16x21 inches $275
George Hitchcock Reproductions-Looking Out to Sea

Looking Out to Sea

Oil on canvas, 44x36 inches
Private Collection
size: 22x18 inches $270
George Hitchcock Reproductions-The Flight into Egypt , 1892

The Flight into Egypt , 1892

Oil on canvas, 44x65 inches
Private Collection
size: 22x33 inches $370
George Hitchcock Reproductions-The Wayfarers , 1890

The Wayfarers , 1890

Oil on canvas, 43x35 inches
Private Collection
size: 29x23 inches $375
George Hitchcock Reproductions-Blessed Mother , 1892

Blessed Mother , 1892

Oil on canvas, 62x44 inches
Private Collection
size: 31x22 inches $395
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