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Reproductions Inness, George

George Inness

1825 - 1894


Inness Paintings

George Inness Reproductions-Morning, Catskill Valley, 1894

Morning, Catskill Valley, 1894

Oil on canvas, 35 3/8 x 53 5/8 inches (89.9 x 136.5 cm)
Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Genre: Landscapes

size: 19x29 inches $330
George Inness Reproductions-Sundown, 1894

Sundown, 1894

Oil on canvas
National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington

Genre: Landscapes

size: 16x26 inches $315
George Inness Reproductions-The Coming Storm, 1893

The Coming Storm, 1893

Oil on canvas, 60 x 120 inches (152.40 x 304.80 cm)
Public collection

Genre: Landscapes

size: 26x13 inches $245
George Inness Reproductions-Early Morning, Tarpon Springs, 1892

Early Morning, Tarpon Springs, 1892

Oil on canvas
The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

Genre: Landscapes

size: 24x18 inches $260
George Inness Reproductions-Home at Montclair, 1892

Home at Montclair, 1892

Oil on canvas
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown

Genre: Landscapes

size: 17x25.5 inches $235
George Inness Reproductions-Moonlight, Tarpon Springs, Florida, 1892

Moonlight, Tarpon Springs, Florida, 1892

Oil on canvas
The Phillips Collection, Washington DC

Genre: Landscapes

size: 16x25 inches $235
George Inness Reproductions-Early Autumn, Montclair, 1891

Early Autumn, Montclair, 1891

Oil on canvas
Delaware Art Museum

Genre: Landscapes

size: 17x25.5 inches $255
George Inness Reproductions-October, 1886

October, 1886

Oil on wood, 19 7/8 x 29 7/8 inches (50.6 x 75.9 cm)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles

Genre: Landscapes

size: 20x30 inches $260
George Inness Reproductions-On the Delaware, 1861

On the Delaware, 1861

Oil on Canvas
Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York

Genre: Landscapes

size: 38x65 inches $510
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