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Paintings Reproductions Poussin, Nicolas Ideal Landscape, 1645-1650
Poussin Paintings 1594 - 1665  France, Baroque

Ideal Landscape, 1645-1650

Oil on canvas, 47.24 x 73.62 inches [120 x 187 cm]

Museo del Prado, Madrid


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OIL PAINTING:  Ideal Landscape, 1645-1650

      Whereas the mood of the London Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake is intentionally severe, the Ideal Landscape by Poussin is much lighter in tone and mood. In this naturalistic landscape, although there is a good deal of calculation in the placing of the tree silhouettes, there is the delicacy of each element and the subtle tonality of yellows and greens which dominate. Of all Poussin paintings , this type of painting was imitated the least.