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Paintings Reproductions Rubens, Peter Paul The Cardinal Infante , c .1635
Rubens Paintings 1577 - 1640  Painter, Diplomat, Netherlands, Baroque

The Cardinal Infante , c .1635

Oil on canvas, 131.89 x 101.57 inches [335 x 258 cm]

Museo del Prado, Madrid

Mythological Art

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OIL PAINTING:  The Cardinal Infante , c .1635

      During the last ten years of his life Rubens again became more painter than diplomat. In 1635 he bought a little condominium in the village of Elewijt, outside of Antwerp. Here, in the beautiful quiet surroundings of the countryside, numerous paintings representing landscapes and bucolic scenes were created, as well as some splendid portraits. As from 1636 he made several drawings with mythological scenes from Ovidius' Metamorphosis for the Spanish king Philip IV.