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Paintings Reproductions Sandys, Anthony Frederick Mary Magdalene
Anthony Frederick Sandys Paintings 1829 - 1904  Painter, England, Pre-Raphaelite

Mary Magdalene

Oil on canvas

Private collection


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OIL PAINTING:  Mary Magdalene

      Sandys was a Pre-Raphaelite British artist. He made friends with Dante Gabriel Rossetti, after drawing a caricature of the artist sitting on a donkey. Sandys was also friends with James Whistler. Most of Sandys paintings and drawings were of women. He illustrated less than twenty-five books and magazines. Produced woodcuts, drawings, and painted portraits. Sandys worked in chalk, also. His oil paintings include Mary Magdalene, Morgan le Fay, Medea, Helen of Troy,Queen Eleanor,Perdita and Medea, 1866-1868.