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Sargent Paintings 1856 - 1925  Painter, Guitarist, United States, American Impressionism

Dr Pozzi at Home

Oil on canvas, 79.88 x 40.24 inches [202.9 x 102.2 cm]

Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Centre, Los Angeles


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OIL PAINTING:  Dr Pozzi at Home

      The mystery of why red is so devilishly delicious in Dr Pozzi at Home by sargent: If Sargent is making a statement, then it couldn't have been more appropriate for this subject. Our dear doctor was quite the womanizing surgeon and gynecologist with a magnetic personality. So magnetic that he attracted a bullet from an angry patient which sealed his fate many years later. That, it seems, was an aberration (though a fatal one) since he was reportedly a very charismatic man. When Sargent painted him, he was rumored to have had at least two affairs with very renown patients, one of which was Madame Pierre Gautreau (the famous Madame X) another was the world famous actress Sarah Bernhardt.