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Paintings Reproductions Titian, Tiziano Vicellio Danae and the Shower of Gold, 1554
Titian Paintings 1485 - 1576  Painter, Italy, Renaissance

Danae and the Shower of Gold, 1554

Oil on canvas, 27.17 x 46.06 inches [69 x 117 cm]

Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples

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OIL PAINTING:  Danae and the Shower of Gold, 1554

      Between 1553 and 1554 Titian executed for the Habsburgs two "mythological fables" of clearly erotic intent, the Danae and the Venus and Adonis, both now in the Prado, Madrid.
      The Danae is really a variation on a canvas painted ten years earlier for the Farnese family. With greater fidelity to Ovid's text, the Cupid has now been replaced by the elderly nurse who attempts to use her apron to gather the shower of gold into which Jupiter had transformed himself in order to possess the young woman - Titian , Danae and the Shower of Gold.