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Paintings Reproductions Bierstadt, Albert Moat Mountain Intervale, New Hampshire, 1862
Bierstadt Paintings 1830 - 1902  Germany, Hudson Rriver School

Moat Mountain Intervale, New Hampshire, 1862

Oil on canvas, 19.02 x 25.87 inches [48.3 x 65.7 cm]

The Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester

Mountain and Forest Paintings

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OIL PAINTING:  Moat Mountain Intervale, New Hampshire, 1862

      Bierstadt's Moat Mountain, Intervale, New Hampshire, c. 1862 was painted from sketches Bierstadt made in the White Mountains during the summer of 1860, and accurately depicts the topography of the area of the Intervale in North Conway, New Hampshire which includes the White Horse and Cathedral Ledges, and Moat Mountain. The stillness effected in the foreground by the fenced and sunny fields of the Intervale contrasts with the threatening skies above the distant mountains. This tension is typical in the art of the Romantic era, which explores the relationship between man and the natural wilderness.