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Paintings Reproductions Veronese, Paolo Mars and Venus United by Love, c.1570
Veronese Paintings 1528 - 1588  Italy, Mannerism

Mars and Venus United by Love, c.1570

Oil on canvas, 80.98 x 63.39 inches [205.7 x 161 cm]

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan

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OIL PAINTING:  Mars and Venus United by Love, c.1570

      Mars and Venus United by Love is one of the greatest works by Veronese, whose brilliant use of colour and sensuous female figures influenced European artists from the time of Rubens to that of Delacroix. Together with four other allegorical paintings by Veronese, the painting was owned by Emperor Rudolf II in Prague. Although generally thought to show the goddess of love united by Cupid to the god of war, the picture has also been interpreted as showing Chastity transformed by Love into Charity; the horse restrained by an armed Cupid may symbolize restrained passion.