Guillaume Seignac Paintings

Academic Classicism

Paintings Reproductions Seignac, Guillaume Confidence
Guillaume Seignac Paintings 1870 - 1924  France, Academic Classicism


Oil on canvas, 69 x 37 7/8 inches (175.3 x 96.5 cm)

Private collection

Figurative Art

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OIL PAINTING:  Confidence

      19th century European and American society found great appeal in the romanticism of Seignacs idealized figures and as more and more families wished to appear stylishly modern like Confidence, paintingssuch as LAmour dsarm became exceedingly popular. Until that time, the most desirable paintings to display in the home were the paintings of the Italian Renaissance masters. Seignac was highly influenced by these painters, as evidenced by the harmoniously balanced composition and equilibrium between color and line. Seignac brought the Sistine sibyl into the modern world, framing her figure in nature and immortalizing her beauty.