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Paintings Reproductions Bouguereau, William Alma Parens [L'Ame parentale (The Motherland), 1883
Bouguereau Paintings 1825 - 1905  France, Academic Classicism

Alma Parens [L'Ame parentale (The Motherland), 1883

Oil on canvas, 90.1/2 x 55 inches [230 x 140 cm]

Private collection

Mythological Art

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OIL PAINTING:  Alma Parens [L'Ame parentale (The Motherland), 1883

      A century ago Bouguereau ranked among the most highly acclaimed artists in Paris. With the radical development of impressionism, his style quickly fell out of favor. It was deemed by most to be too sentimental and contrived, and his handling of paint was characterized as overly finished. The Motherland 1883 by Bouguereau, offers a light interpretation of an allegorical subject invested with a sensuality and carnality that would have appealed to the general audiences.