Bouguereau Paintings

Academic Classicism

Paintings Reproductions Bouguereau, William Jeune Ouvriere [Young Worker], 1869
Bouguereau Paintings 1825 - 1905  France, Academic Classicism

Jeune Ouvriere [Young Worker], 1869

Oil on canvas, 50 3/4 x 37 7/8 inches (129 x 96.5 cm)

Private collection

Figurative Art

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OIL PAINTING:  Jeune Ouvriere [Young Worker], 1869

Bouguereau's flawless technique, graceful compositions, and poignant portraits make him one of the most accomplished artists of his age. To others, Bouguereau represents everything negative about 19th-century academic art, with its stock characters, syrupy emotion, and social and artistic conservatism.