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Paintings Reproductions Dupre, Julien La Faneuse [The Haymaker]
Julien Dupre Paintings 1851 - 1910  Painterr, Naturalist

La Faneuse [The Haymaker]

Oil on canvas, 26 x 32 inches (66.04 x 81.28 cm)

Rehs Galleries, Inc., New York City

Figurative Art

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OIL PAINTING:  La Faneuse [The Haymaker]

      Julien Dupre was one of the second generation of French Realist painters. His subjects were often humble - peasants tending farm animals and Haymakers working in the fields. Dupre's paintings are somewhat influenced by Impressionism - in his loose brushwork - however, they also possess the superb draughtsmanship and attention to detail.