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Paintings Reproductions Dupre, Julien Le Berger [The Shepherd]
Julien Dupre Paintings 1851 - 1910  Painterr, Naturalist

Le Berger [The Shepherd]

Oil on canvas, 55 1/2 x 78 1/2 inches (141 x 199.5 cm)

Private collection

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OIL PAINTING:  Le Berger [The Shepherd]

      Through idealization of form, Dupre invested his peasant with a heroic aura, though unlike his predecessor, his figures are usually engaged in vigorous action. Dupre's landscapes, with their cloudy skies and varied motifs, are also much more active. Their high key color and spontaneous brushwork have a vivacity and freshness that distinguishes them from the somber calm of Breton's scenes.