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Paintings Reproductions Duveneck, Frank Venetian Fruit Market, 1884
Frank Duveneck Paintings 1848 - 1919  Painter, Printmaker, United States

Venetian Fruit Market, 1884

Oil on canvas

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Figurative Art

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OIL PAINTING:  Venetian Fruit Market, 1884

      Typical paintings by Duveneck of this period show a strongly modeled head or figure emerging from a dark, often not fully painted background, with few light or bright highlights. His paint itself is especially oily and has a particularly sumptuous quality. During several summers, Duveneck went to Polling in Bavaria with a group of friends and students to paint en plein air, or out-of-doors. Duveneck's landscapes produced there exhibit the free brushstrokes of Duveneck's figure studies and an immediacy of response to the light and color of the countryside.